3 months for little man...

Well, my baby boy is 3 months!!! I cannot believe how the time has flown. He is getting the cutest personality. We just fall more in love with him every day. Here are a few things Gabe has started doing this month:
*Smiling a TON at mommy everytime he see's her.
*Grabing at his binki and pulling it out of his mouth, then putting it back in.
*Splashing in the tub when we give him baths because he is so excited.
*Watches the TV with daddy, especially sports.
*Is very unhappy when he is sitting in a poopy daiper.
*Throws little tantrums when he doesn't get food fast enough.
*Starting to drool and blow bubbles.
Let these pictures speak for themselves.


Jason, Mindi, Porter, and Ellery said...

Oh my goodness Ang he is so stinkin' handsome! 3 months already, thats just crazy.

Jake and Kim said...

He is seriously a heart breaker!! How fun!

TyandKolbi said...

Love him! I think he and Ryker are going to be best buddies, what do you think? Hey, I told Tyler that you were moving by us and we had a thought.....want to trade babies to go to the temple? Being so close to the new temple and to each other, it may make it easier to get there....as we have only been twice since he was born. Let me know :)

Rachel said...

oh! So cute! Hey, I am in much need of your blogging expertise. I mean, I really need help, since I'm from the age of the typewriter. Call me.

Holly said...

Hey! Ok I'd bring all the supplies and they'd all be doing it that night.


Bailey Family said...

Ang... ahh he is so stinkin cute! I want to smush him he is sooo adorable! looks like you guys are adjusting well to life with a sweet little boy. Looks like you had a nice holiday too!