Gabe is 8 Months!!!

So another month has come and gone too fast and Gabe keeps getting bigger and bigger.. oh and cuter and cuter! He has the most ADORABLE personality that shows more and more each day. He has done so much this last month, I hope I can remember it all. But the one thing he will never stop doing doing is putting smiles on our faces. So here goes the list:
*He is learning how to do all sorts of Yoga positions (downward dog and downward plank) and this is because he refuses to crawl and maneuvers this way
*He said MAMA!!!!! It was clear as a bell. Dallas refuses to believe it but I know what I heard. Whether Gabe knew what he was saying or not, he said that sweet little word!!!
*He will ONLY go to sleep when:
-Daddy is rocking him
-He is going for a car ride
-Momma leaves him in his crib long enough to fall asleep
*He will NOT go to sleep when:
-Momma is rocking him
-Momma is nursing him
-Momma is holding him and singing to him
*Loves to sleep on his belly and only on his belly
*He is making this new scrunched up face when we make silly faces or noises at him. Its almost like he only thinks we are amusing... but not quite funny anymore
*Has developed a MONSTER appetite... like his father
*Still screams like a girl
*He sings himself to sleep
*Oh, and he got Thrush this last month... WHAT?!?!
We are OBSESSED with Gabers and don't know what we would do without him. He just makes life AMAZING!
Now for the Pictures...


Ali and Josh Holt said...

My sweet boy!! So big! Where has time gone. So I just barely saw your last post, it almost made me cry! And bost has that same striped outfit... Carters from costco??? love it!!!

Melanie said...

Look at those chunky legs... I LOVE it! I think the best is hearing your kids call you mommy! So precious!