My Mothers Day

I am so grateful to me a new mommy this year to the best little boy on this planet!!! I am so lucky to have such a sweet spirit in our home. He has blessed our lives so much having him here with us. I always knew I wanted to me a mom and I hoped that I would make as good a mother as my mom has been to me and my siblings. I look back at ALL of the things she did for us growing up. She would have stopped anything she was doing just to be there if we needed her. She taught us wonderful life lessons through teaching and just by her good, sweet example. I am so lucky to have a mother so wonderful. I really believe we chose to be with eachother here on this earth. I LOVE YOU MOM!!! I hope I can be as good a mother to Gabe as you have been to me. Thank you for everything you do for me and my little family daily!
Here are a few pictures from my mothers day...
Awwwwww.. delicious Strawberries!!!

Allie and Marn

My sweet sisters.... Minus one (April). I am so lucky to have these women in my life. We get a little crazy when we are together but that makes it all the better!!!

My Fantastic Mommy and my little man. I love these two SO much!!!


marni said...

Ang, your DEAD. I look terrible in not one but two pictures.Revenge is around the corner. xoxox

Holley and Luke Burbank said...

your mom is soooo beautiful!!